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Our Partners

We're better when we work together. We are proud to work with multiple local partners who allow us to take our products to the next level. 


Stafford County
Flour Mills

The flour found in our products comes from down the road in Hudson, Kansas. Stafford County Flour Mills is independently and locally owned by farmers and community members of Hudson. 100% of the wheat milled comes from a 20-mile radius of their elevators. The quality of the flour is checked six times every minute to ensure our exact specifications are being met to bring you the highest quality donuts, breads and more!

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Normal Roasting Company

Normal Roasting Company, located in Burwell, Nebraska, supplies all of the espresso you'll find in the bakery. We chose Normal Roasting because of their commitment to great coffee! Their importer, the individual they work with to source their beans, has boots on the ground in the countries where they source their beans so they can build relationships with those directly harvesting the beans!

The biggest thing about their coffee that we appreciate is that they focus on roasting coffee that is approachable for the normal everyday person. Nothing super fancy. Nothing too wild. Flavorful and approachable. Just the way we think you’ll like it.

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Connealy Angus Beef

You may be wondering, "Beef in a bakery?", but it is actually an integral ingredient in our James Beard award-winning Bieroc! As of 2024, we are proud to partner with Connealy Angus as the provider of our ground beef in our Bierocs, Jiffy Burgers and more! Located in the Nebraska Sandhills, the Connealy family's commitment to quality beef is one that we are honored to share with you! 

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Western Sugar Cooperative

Western Sugar Cooperative is made up of over 700 growers and shareholders who take pride in having a long family history in beet sugar. Some are 4th, or even 5th, generation growers who were born and raised around sugar beets. The lifestyle of hard work and long days involved in sugar beet growing has been passed down for the 100 years Western Sugar has existed. We're thankful for a local option in Western Nebraska to source the sugar for our baked goods from.

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